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Scuba Diving at Ċirkewwa Arch

Dive any of the wrecks and reefs at Cirkewwa Marine Park and you'll understand why this area has become one of Malta's premier diving destinations.

This section contains useful information about the dive site Ċirkewwa Arch, including maximum depths, entry and exit points, and what marine life you might see.

Underwater Archway Bordered by Seagrass

Most of the local divers call this popular dive spot Ċirkewwa Arch, but it has several other nicknames, including:

An arched roof and natural passageway combines cave and reef diving.

In fact, this curved structure formed when the roof of an underwater cavern collapsed.

Furthermore, this is an ideal destination for taking underwater photos of the unusual topography and plant life that engulfs the area.

Tips for Diving the Archway at Ċirkewwa

Most divers (especially beginners) choose to wade-in at the rocky plateau of Susie's Pool dive site. Swim for about five metres and you can start a slow descent along the nearby reef wall.

The general means of access for swimming through the arch takes place twelve (12) metres below. At this point, the actual mouth of the swim-through entrance is about eight (8) metres above the seabed.

Here's the thing:

There are several small caves and tunnels nearby that form great hangouts for marine life. So, unless you decide to dive Tugboat Rozi close by, the maximum depth at Cirkewwa Arch is twenty (20) metres (66 feet).

Pro Tip: There is another lesser known rock archway in Cirkewwa at Paradise Bay reef called Left Arch (or White Arch).

Aquatic Animals in the Vicinity

There are many reasons why underwater structures are beneficial for biodiversity This rockbound area is becoming a popular habitat for marine species to explore, including:

Pro Tip: Having easy access from the shore, and a maximum depth around twenty metres, means divers with an entry-level qualification can join the organised scuba tours from the harbour in the northwest of Malta.

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Note: The short video [5:37 seconds] presented by "Paolo Underwater Dimension" contains footage of the caves, tunnels, and arch at Cirkewwa, northwest Malta.

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