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Scuba Diving at Preah Sihanouk

Diving at the unspoiled coastal islands offers aquatic explorers an amazing diversity of coral formations and marine life - especially if you enjoy underwater photography.

This section contains information about scuba diving at the Sihanoukville dives sites and how soft corals and macro life species benefit from reef protection.

List of Island Dive Sites Near Sihanoukville

The Cambodians who live in Preah Sihanouk province love being in and around water.

Their island archipelago is huge, and you'll find it in the lower region of the Gulf of Thailand.

In fact, a pleasant boat ride from the town on the mainland gets you to Koh Tang, Koh Rong Samloem, or Koh Koun.

As a result, scuba diving courses and snorkeling trips are developing at a fast speed to cope with the increasing numbers of tourists and expats settling at the resorts.

Unlike some dive sites in Southeast Asia, where dive companies don't always take an active part in preserving and maintaining the coral reefs, the dive centres at Sihanoukville do!

Environmental Awareness in Sihanoukville

In fact, most of the major scuba training agencies take an active role in reef conservation by working alongside the Marine Conservation Cambodia company (MCC).

Due to this, many divers have reported an increase in the amount of sea life creatures living in the area. So, while out in the blue, stay alert and you may see large inshore pelagic fish species as well.

Sihanoukville Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Tours

The transformation is notable and the improvements in facilities and island excursions for tourists continues. Some of the water-based attractions in the area include:

The world diving map has a new and vibrant destination south of the Cambodian border with Thailand. Cambodia is starting to attract many more travellers to this region.

Sihanoukville Best Dive Sites for Scuba diving and Snorkeling.Thus, the aim is to increase the number of backpackers and holidaymakers to come and visit.

A wide variety of marine flora and fauna is now available for scuba divers of all certification levels at these Sihanoukville diving locations:

Note: Click through to any of the islands on the list and you will find further information about the aquatic marine life and average depth limits for each destination.

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Important: It is not uncommon for travelers to Cambodia to combine scuba diving holidays in Thailand as part of a long vacation in Southeast Asia.

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