Sihanoukville Best Diving and Snorkeling Sites

Diving the unspoiled coastal islands offers aquatic explorers an amazing diversity of coral formations and marine life.

Underwater photographers' scuba diving Sihanoukville take advantage of the shallow water dive sites with colorful soft corals and the macro-life fishes that benefit from reef protection.

While out in the blue, stay alert and you may see large inshore pelagic fish.

Sihanoukville Island Dive Sites

The Sihanoukville island archipelago of Koh Tang, Rong Saloem, and Koh Koun are a pleasant boat ride from the town on the mainland.

Cambodians who live in Sihanouk province are a nation that like to be around water.

Sihanoukville Best Diving and Snorkeling SitesScuba and snorkeling facilities are developing at a fast speed to cope with the increasing numbers of tourists and ex-pat residents settling in the resort.

Environmental Awareness in Sihanoukville

Unlike some other areas in Asia where the dive companies don’t necessarily take an active part in preserving and maintaining the coral reefs, the dive centers in Sihanoukville do!

Many of them will explain to their divers about the importance of environmental awareness and some of the main dive companies also take an active role in reef conservation by working alongside the Marine Conservation Cambodia company.

Due to this, many divers have reported an increase in the amount of sea life that is living in the area.

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