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Coal Fired Power Plants' Impact On Coral Reef Environments

Divers with poor buoyancy often get blamed for their clumsy destruction of coral reefs but we explain why their biggest impact is likely to be when they turn on the power at home.

Of course we always support and endorse scuba's good habits and recommended guidelines with respect to reef protection and conservation.

Nonetheless, the byproducts and pollutants of coal burning power plants has a greater long-term detrimental and widespread impact on coral reefs and marine environments.

Byproducts of Coal Fired Power Plants

Coal fired power plants and fossil fuel burning power stations use expanding gas to create mechanical energy which eventually generates electricity.

Coal Fired Power Plants Impact on the Coral Reef EnvironmentThis process has a damaging and stressful affect on coral reef environments and is considered to be a dirty source of energy compared to some of the newest alternatives.

Environmentally healthy renewable energies like wind and solar power is cleaner and more sustainable.

Burning coal produces byproducts such as smog, soot, toxic air pollution, mercury poisoning, nickel, and acid rain.

Air pollution inhibits coal growth and slows down photosynthesis because natural sunlight does not penetrate enough through the smog. Increased Carbon emissions and pH levels also affects global climate change.

It contributes to heating up the world's seas and oceans. Increased annual water temperatures cause coral death which is often called coral bleaching.

In short, coal plants do not have to be near the reefs to create a threat to coral growth. Air pollution, ocean acidification, and changes in the earth's climate all have a devastating affect on marine environments.

Producing electricity is necessary and expected by most householders but the true impact that industrial power stations have on our climate is one which may not be totally recognised until it's too late.

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