Ship Wreck Diving in Pattaya

Wreck Dives in Pattaya on Shipwrecks and Artificial Reefs - Pattaya Divers are often attracted to the Coral Reefs that adorn the shallow bays of the Near and Far Islands off the coast of the Eastern Seaboard in the Gulf of Thailand.

However, Pattaya is becoming a 'diving mecca' for shipwrecks and underwater artificial reefs.

We have a great diversity to offer all divers searching for excitement and thrills with the recent sinking of another War Ship and new attempts to develop more Wrecks in Pattaya.

*Most of the wreck dives in Pattaya are deep dives.

We suggest that these dives are not suitable for novice divers, and we recommend that you benefit from your private PADI Wreck Instructor by enroling in one or more of the PADI Adventure Divers, Advanced Diver, Wreck Diver Specialty Course, Deep Diver, or Nitrox Diver courses, to maximise your enjoyment of these dives in Pattaya.

PADI Scuba Shipwreck Dive Specialists

> HTMS Khram Ship Wreck Pattaya

"large open holes were made in many parts of the shipwreck which allows for a certain amount of wreck penetration diving. Scuba Divers can swim through some of the ships passages whilst remaining in safety"

> HTMS Kut Ship Wreck Pattaya

"in September 2006, the Royal Thai Navy sunk the HTMS Kood a short 45 minute boat trip from Pattaya Beach. The Kood World War II US landing craft, became the nearest wreck to Pattaya"

> The Hardeep Shipwreck Pattaya

"originally an Indonesian-registered freighter, the Hardeep sank in 1943. More than sixty years of growth has seen the soft coral formations and tube sponge gardens firmly establish themselves"

> Bremen Wreck Pattaya

"the wreck now lies on the sandy bottom in 22 meters between Sattahip and Koh Khram. Though the wreck is badly broken, the bow and stern sections are still relatively intact"

Welcome to our team of Wreck Diving specialists who have the dedication, knowledge and wreck experience to teach you the PADI Wreck Diver Course in Pattaya. With a genuine passion to Dive the Shipwrecks in Pattaya, we continually promote wreck diver training and other advanced diving techniques from a purpose-built dive boat.

Our Scuba Instructors include a PADI Master Instructor and a Wreck Diver Specialty Instructor. Going the extra mile is standard for us and we pride ourselves on providing a flexible, personalised service that can sometimes be missing from large Dive Centers.

We offer daily wreck dives to the local Pattaya Shipwrecks which also combine a shallow coral reef dive and buffet style lunch on board. The Dive Boat is equipped with scuba tanks filled with air and/or nitrox, on-board compressor, western toilet facilities and a large spacious upper deck for sunbathing and relaxing.

Weather permitting, we leave Pattaya Port every day at 09.00am and usually return around 16.00pm and we can also arrange FREE Hotel Transfers for our divers staying in Pattaya.

There are plans to introduce more wrecks into the waters close to Pattaya in the near future. It's been suggested that the benefits of artificial reefs formed by sunken wrecks would stimulate the local marine life and help to attract more tourists to the Eastern Seaboard region.

We will be monitoring the plans for this exciting prospect and we would be delighted to share the information with you.

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