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Best Places to Stay in Chiang Rai?

Having some insider information about the different kinds of accommodation is helpful if you're visiting Chiang Rai for the first time.

This segment contains a list of short and long term options for staying in Chiang Rai province with links to further detailed reviews.

Looking for Accommodation in Chiang Rai?

There are some areas where tourists and first-time visitors choose to stay more than others.

Hence, depending on your personal preferences, you could choose:

You should expect to find these well-liked urbanisations to be safe and convenient. Plus, you'll have plenty of tourist attractions and essential amenities close by.

A Riverside or Rural Setting?

In fact, Chiang Rai is the most northerly of all 9 northern provinces in Thailand. It's around one hour from the Golden triangle, where three Asian countries meet (Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar).

In spite of this, or because of it, you can choose to settle down for a night or a few months in the city center, a place with a rural backdrop, or somewhere with a riverside setting.

Clock Tower Area

As with most central locations, staying near the golden Clock Tower in Chiang Rai will give you easy access to public transport and shopping areas.

It's also a handy place to stay if you enjoy eating at Thai food restaurants, sampling the vibrant nightlife, and wandering around traditional markets.

North Chiang Rai

Travel northward away from the city center and you'll discover a rural authentic setting. Lush countryside and low-lying rice fields surround this idyllic region.

Pro Tip: Another section explains more about Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai International Airport situated in the northeast of the region.

North Sanambin Road

You can walk along Sanambin Road to the center of the city. But, you should find it quieter and more relaxed if you choose to stay in this residential area

The Riverside

The Kok River is one of the many tributaries that enter the Mekong from the east and the west. Thus, staying anywhere in this region is going to have a tranquil atmosphere and stunning views.

The picturesque landscapes found along the Riverside residences attract travellers who enjoy getting close to nature. A staycation spent at the top boutique hotels or upscale resorts in this area should not be overlooked by opulent holidaymakers.

Chiang Rai Accommodation List


You can rent apartments in Chiang Rai for various time periods, such as overnight or long stay. Many apartments are in the city zone, but you will also find some dotted around the periphery.


There are few outdoor experiences that nature lovers enjoy more than pitching a tent in some remote landscape and sleeping underneath the shimmering stars.

This section contains essential information for all travelers who may be planning on camping in Chiang Rai at the designated campgrounds.

Guest Houses

As well as the general listing of guest houses in the Chiang Rai area, we have a detailed list of budget priced hotels that may suit better.


The historic city of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand is well catered for with quality and budget and quality hotel accommodation.


For that little bit extra, you may find that our listed Spa and Resort Hotels in Chiang Rai offer the convenience of many on-site facilities.

Help Guides and Information

Pro Tip: The short video [12:15 seconds] presented by TravelTaskforce contains further information and the prices for ten cheap and luxury hotels in Chiang Mai Thailand.

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