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List of Fruit Types in Thailand

Listing of the various fruits grown in Thailand. Many are seasonal - some having two seasons! Others are grown and harvested the year round.

Roadside shops, markets are the best places to buy them.

Normally, if they are on sale in polystyrene trays - cellophane wrapped, they will be unsold from the previous day. But, they should be fresher than you will be able to buy in large stores.

We all know that a good intake of fruit is vital for good health.

Here in Thailand we have an abundance of fruit, with such a huge variety of fruit grown locally to where you are staying.

Some areas in Thailand specialise in fruit growing and are sought out at the right time of the year.

There are food festivals of sorts in all self-respecting provinces. The easiest way to find the best selection of home-grown fruit, is to pop down to the local food market. It is where the Thais go. Could there be a better recommendation?

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