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What Kills the Most Humans?

We wanted to create a list of deadly animals responsible for human deaths each year. The research produced some unexpected results.

This section disproves the myth that sharks are the number 1 killer of humans. Far from it! But, there are about 80 unprovoked shark attacks reported worldwide each year.

Fact: Sharks are Not the Deadliest Animals!

There are several reasons why certain animals are deadlier than others and kill more humans. For example:

Pro Tip: Another section lists the best place to dive with sea snakes - assuming you're not ophidiophobic and you would like to scuba dive or snorkel around aquatic reptiles.

According to our research, the mosquito (especially Aedes aegypti) is one of the smallest - yet deadliest - animals worldwide. Mosquitos are responsible for causing close to one million human deaths per year.

Some of the deadly diseases that mosquitos spread are dengue fever, malaria, and the Zika virus. In fact, malaria by itself accounts for more than half a million fatal infections on an annual basis.

So, here's our list of most dangerous and deadly animals to humans. In order of being responsible for most human death:

Scuba Diving and Deadly Animals

Anyone diving or snorkeling in areas where deadly ocean creatures live, such as bull sharks, carnivorous plants, coral reef snakes, jellyfishes, or venomous corals, should be aware of the potential risks involved.

Interesting facts:

The Most Dangerous Living Beings

You may not want to read it, but human beings are more dangerous than any in our list of 10 deadliest animals in the world.

To clarify that dreadful statement, humans have killed more humans than any other species has. In fact, wars are responsible for around one billion human deaths. In addition, homicide accounts for almost 500,000 deaths - and likely to rise.

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