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The Vindicator Safety Valve Handle

A new patented device is helping divers and their dive buddies verify - at a glance - whether the scuba tank valve is in the open or closed position!

This section explains how the simple and inexpensive Vindicator Safety Valve Handles can save lives and how to fit a new replacement assembly yourself.

Green Means the Air is On | Red Means Off

The Vindicator Scuba Tank Valve Safety Handle costs around $20 from most online dive stores.

It has a simple indicator of either 'Red' or 'Green' showing whether the air supply is open or closed.

Furthermore, replacing a regular valve handle with the new Vindicator Handwheel is quick and easy.

It should take only a few minutes to install the colour coded device and the modernisation works on most manufacturer's scuba tank valves.

Note: You can check the Model Number on the list of valves below.

So, having a visible sign to warn you and the people around you (e.g. a dive guide) if a valve is open or closed is a good thing right? Nonetheless, they are not meant to replace the full pre dive checklist (BWRAF).

Installing a Vindicator Valve Knob

In most cases, a scuba equipment specialist may not need to empty all the gas from the cylinder to complete the process. But, always advise caution when working on pressurised scuba cylinders.

It is a relatively simple task to install this small plastic device into a cylinder valve. In fact, if you have a flathead screwdriver you should be able to carry out the installation yourself.

  1. Undo the small screw that holds the knob in place to remove the handle. Then, install the Vindicator into that section.
  2. There are two (2) coloured sections (red and green plastic sleeves) that need to go on the inside.
  3. Put the handle back on and test that the visual indicators are working properly (use caution if the tank is not empty).
  4. The bright red sleeve is visible when the valve is completely closed and you will see the green collar moving forward as you open the valve.

Installing the Vindicator Safety Handle has obvious benefits. But, the main one is having a simple device that other people can check 'visually' without having to touch the equipment (e.g. boat crew, divemasters).

It's common for boat crew and dive buddies to grab the cylinder valve and turn it to check the air is turned on. So, the green and red plastic shrouds remove the need for them to make physical contact with your gear.

Important: Another section explains how diving valves and a turn in the wrong direction can create a dangerous situation - especially for beginners.

How Does the Vindicator Safety Handle Work on Scuba Tanks?List of Model Numbers and Valve Brands

You need to buy the specific model that fits the brand of valve for your scuba cylinder.

Note: Another section contains a detailed list of scuba dive equipment with professional advice and information for divers and snorkelers who are looking to buy their own gear.

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