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PADI ScubaEarth® Sharing Dive and Snorkeling Experiences

PADI ScubaEarth® is an online resource social community sharing platform dedicated to scuba divers, snorkelers, and water lovers.

It is a comprehensive and convenient site hosting world weather and travel reports with topical conditions at diving and snorkeling destinations.

You will also find a plethora of epic scuba photos, personalized dive logs, and organic underwater videos.

Dive into Scubaearth

Logging dive via ScubaEarth (log books link)
Since the launch of PADI’s range of Digital Certification Paks, Students have the opportunity to log their training dives online via ScubaEarth. No more signing wet logbooks!
Just as a paper logbook requires an Instructor’s signature, training dives that are logged online must be approved by the Instructor who conducted the dive. Use your digital signature to approve all the required dives to certify your Students.
Please note that the eTraining Log is an optional way to verify the completion of training dives. Divers and Instructors may continue to log dives in a paper logbook if they choose.
Once a Student has logged their training dive via ScubaEarth they will see ‘Pending Approval’ next to their dive, as shown below:
When logging a training dive, the Student must include their Instructor’s PADI Pro number. After the dive is submitted for approval, an email is generated to the Instructor referenced. As the Instructor, you will then receive an email asking you to easily approve the dive.

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