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Underwater Cameras for Snorkelers

Reviewing an underwater camera guide is going to help you choose the best underwater camera to buy. After all, it can be difficult to decide which camera will be best for taking underwater photos and getting great results.

Our snorkeling blog experts ranked the 'compact' types among the best cameras for shooting underwater images and video footage. So, why is that?

How to Use Waterproof Digital Cameras?

In general, our review of underwater cameras found that learning how to use a compact camera is a simple process, and:

We listed some of the best underwater cameras for snorkeling and diving. You can use the handy guide below if you are planning on purchasing a new underwater camera.

Note: You can also contact our snorkeling team for extra advice or information before making a purchase through our online shop.

Intova Waterproof Cameras

The company behind Intova® Underwater Action Cameras was first founded in 1995. Intova is a company with its roots firmly in the sports camera manufacturing and sales industry.

Intova Underwater Action CamerasIntova delivers products that offer great value for money. The superior high quality and low cost features generally means cameras made by Intova stand out from the crowd.

Starting with low cost Snap Sights cameras, Intova grew into the digital camera arena. Then came HD video, their modern waterproof electronics, and a robust range of waterproof flashlights.

In case you were wondering:

Intova camera products are sold around the world predominantly by an increasing number of distributors and retail partners. Even so, the primary warehouse facilities are located in California and in Hong Kong - with its administrative HeadQuarters operating in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The company continues to develop new items for underwater photographers and for scuba diving videographers. Their technological advancements, upgrades, and services that keep them relevant with continued growth and an unwavering commitment to enhanced customer service.

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