Blenny Fish Facts and Information

Taxonomy [Perciformes] [Phylum: Chordata] [Class: Actinopterygii] [Family: Blenniidae]

Blenny fishes belong to the order Perciformes which means perch-like and accounts for approximately 40% of all bony fish vertebrate species.

Blennies are relatively small marine fish - around 30 cm - often with elongated bodies similar to eels.

They are found in great numbers in tropical seas and cold water environments.

Their groupings are united by the characteristics of their fins.

They exhibit a long dorsal fin and pelvic fins close to their esophagus.

The male Blennies are normally larger than the females. Whichever of the blenny fish types - they all tend to change basic colors a little - according to local habitat, and also when mating - either excitement or to make themselves more attractive!

Blennies Habitat

Crested Blennie Fish hiding in the reefBlenny fish are not particularly fussy about their habitat.

They are found broadly in shallow water around reefs, rock pools and kelp beds.

There are a few exceptions that are in fact found at depths of almost half a kilometer.

They are fairly unnoticeable fish scurrying around the bottom of the seafloor. Their species includes complete carnivores (clinids) and others that are herbivorous.

Bicolor Blenny Fish or two Colored Blenny is considered to be 'cute' - often found in marine aquariums sporting brown and yellowish orange colours and darting about and generally being a little aggressive - though not seen as that!

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