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How Good are Top Fin Fish Tanks?

Even if you don't know who makes Top Fin aquariums, it is always best to review the product range before you go ahead and make a purchase.

The information and advice in this section focuses on Top Fin fish tanks and starter kits for beginners and why the brand is respected by leading aquarists.

Who Manufactures Top Fin® Aquariums?

The manufacturing company 'Spectrum Brands' owns United Pet Group Inc in the United States.

United Pet Group Corporate Headquarters
7794 Five Mile Road, Suite 190
Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
Tel: (513) 337-0600

In fact, United Pet Group (UPG) has been manufacturing a range of Top Fin aquariums since 2016.

In other words, if you're ready to learn how to take care of fish for a pet there will be a suitable starter kit to meet your particular needs.

Plus, the Top Fin® brand is also one of the most trusted aquarium manufacturers if you're looking to upgrade your existing setup.

Top Fin Aquarium Products

Top Fin aquariums are available in a range of different sizes and shapes with a line of fish tank products that cater for even the most passionate of fishkeepers.

No matter whether you have a freshwater or saltwater configuration, you will find it easy to buy the best aquarium supplies online, including:

Note: PetSmart is a chain of retail pet superstores and the distributor for Top Fin's affordable fish tanks sold in the United States and around the world. Last time we checked, they had at least 26 different sized fish tanks available for purchase with extra discounts if you order online.

Are Top Fin Fish Tanks Best for Beginners?

For the most part, the Top Fin range of glass aquariums come with a hood, LED lights, heater, and filter. Plus, most of the best starter fish tanks are easy-to-assemble and you get a small thermometer to help you keep track of the water temperature.



Troubleshooting Top Fin Aquariums

So, now you know who manufactures Top Fin aquarium products, the next step is learning how to find the quick fixes and solutions for some of the common problems.

Pro Tip: The short video tutorial [2:29 seconds] presented by 'PetSmart' explains how to set up the Top Fin® 10-gallon starter kit aquarium - suitable for all beginners and young children.

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