Scuba Wreck Diving Equipment

Underwater Torch

When diving on wrecks in Pattaya it is very uselful to have a dive light to provide illumination.

Dive lights are also used for exploring inside wrecks, underwater caverns, and caves.

Canister lights are used primarily by wreck and cave divers with small compact flashlights used during the day or as backups for wreck, night and/or cave diving.

Torch Tip - Two general rules for Torch batteries:

  1. Never mix fresh and partially used batteries, and never mix different types of batteries, even if the light accepts all the types
  2. Always use the same type of batteries in a single fresh set.

Diver's KnifeDivers Knife

A dive knife is a general tool and safety device that a diver may use if he becomes entangled and needs to free himself. It is not a weapon.

A diving knife should have a sheath for mounting it on your equipment or body which should hold the knife securely, yet allow you to release it with one hand.

Most diving knives are made of stainless steel, but titanium dive knives, although more expensive, last a lot longer, unless you lose it.

Dive Knife Tip - Larger knives usually have a metal handle butt which can also be used as a hammer. This comes in handy if you need to get your buddy’s attention by banging on your scuba tank. This isn’t a common feature on small, compact knives because they’re too small for pounding.

Divers Lift-bagLift Bag

By strategically attaching a lift bag to an item that is too heavy or too bulky to move, for example an outboard engine, it's possible to lift the item from the sea bed to the surface.

The bigger the bag and the air bubble inside, the more weight it can lift. Lift bags are available in many different sizes from 25kg to 1000kg bags and are available in red, high-visibility yellow, blue or white.

Lift Bag Tips - Consider using a lift bag with an overpressure relief valve to slow the ascent, and 'never' use your primary second stage regulator to inflate a lift bag.

Nitrox Diving TanksNitrox Scuba Tanks

The PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver course is one of the most popular Specialty Scuba Diving Courses in the PADI system of dive education.

Nitrox Diving (enriched air nitrox) gives more no decompression dive time which can allow the diver to stay longer underwater by having an increased amount of Oxygen and less Nitrogen in the breathing gas of the scuba tank.

Nitrox Diving Tips - Because wrecks tend to be in deep water, diving with enriched air nitrox can extend the divers' dive time which allows the diver to explore much more of the shipwreck.

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