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Mukdahan Province North Eastern Thailand

Mukdahan is a province near the Laos border, and is conveniently accessed from both countries by Bridge over the River Khong.

Mukdahan province borders Laos on the eastern boundary, with the boundary marker being the Mekong River.

Reasons to Make a Visit to Mukdahan

It is becoming a good stop off point for tourists - especially now as it has a first class 5 star hotel - with a restaurant that has attractive views over the River Khong.

Naturally the restaurant specialises in Thai Food - with a specialist menu of Vietnamese cuisine.

A very popular Indo-Chinese market is open from early morning until 6.00pm every day - and attracts locals from Vietnam, Laos, China, and other Asian countries.

It is just a few minutes from the Lao border - accessed by the Thai-Laos bridge over the R Khong.

Mukdahan ArchwayA bus service is also available but used by Thai locals.

It is particularly favoured by Thais who like to pop over to Laos for a little bit of Gambling - which of course is illegal in Thailand.

It has very favourable year round climates, with the hottest months being March - May averaging around 34-35° Celsius.

The annual high is in the region of 31 degrees, so not too much variation either side of the hot months.

Coolest months being Dec-Jan with night temperatures in the region of 19 degrees average - but still with very amenable day temperatures of around 30° Celsius.

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