Snorkels and Plastic Snorkel Tubes

Students often ask why do I need a snorkel when I have a scuba tank and regulator?

My answer is simple. Snorkel tubes allow you to breathe easier with your face in the water at the surface when choppy waves are splashing.

This also avoids wasting precious air from the divers’ scuba cylinder, especially if your scuba tank is close to empty with a long wait or swim back to the boat or shore.

Although a snorkel seems a relatively simple scuba gear item to purchase, we do have some recommendations which might help you when you are choosing which snorkel to buy.

Best Snorkel Features

Snorkels and Plastic Snorkel TubesThe Mask and Snorkel are relatively inexpensive items of equipment for beginner divers to acquire, however the benefits of owning a mask that is molded to only ‘your’ facial features are one that all serious divers will appreciate for many ‘leak free’ happy dives.

It’s also easier to keep the silicone areas free from mold and bacteria when your kit is washed and thoroughly dried after each dive.

Snorkeling is also a popular water-based activity for non-divers and in areas where shallow reefs do not require scuba to appreciate the aquatic life.

A snorkel made from silicon and plastic with a large bore, and smooth rounded bends will make it easier for breathing.

However, it should not be excessively long which will increase the dead air space and make it difficult to clear.

Snorkel Tip - Although the Pocket Mask is the preferred method of administering rescue breaths to a non-breathing diver at the surface, a conventional snorkel without a 'self drain', can also be used as a safety barrier and will allow adequate ventilation for rescue breaths while towing the victim to safety.

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