Scuba Equipment Maintenance

Scuba gear maintenance and post-dive care is very important to avoid harming your equipment.

Both salt water and chlorinated swimming pool can damage your scuba kit.

When you finish your dive, you need to disassemble your gear for rinsing and storage.

First, turn off the scuba cylinder air by turning the valve gently clockwise until it completely stops - clockwise close.

Next, push the purge button on the regulator to release all of the pressure inside the hoses. If you forget this procedure, the high-pressure will make it impossible to remove it from the valve assembly.

Scuba Equipment Disassembly

Next, disconnect the low-pressure inflator hose from the BCD, and then unclip the submersible pressure gauge and alternate air source from their holders.

Scuba Equipment Maintenance and Service CareRemove the regulator by loosening the yoke, or unscrewing the DIN, being careful to keep the water from dripping into the high-pressure inlet on the first stage.

Dry the regulator dust cap with a towel and firmly replace the cap.

Wrap and secure the BCD straps so they won't drag and tangle.

Release the cylinder band off the BCD. Lay the scuba tank down so it can't fall over while you rinse all of the equipment with fresh water. This is even important after a pool dive because chlorine can harm your gear as much as salt water can.

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