Bubble Rings

Divers Blowing Bubble Rings

Blowing bubble rings underwater, sometimes called a vortex ring, has no purposeful benefit for fish or the environment.

But - hey - making air rings like whales do is a fun trick and it looks pretty cool in diving circles too.

Scuba divers blow aerated doughnut circles predominantly to impress their buddies or more often than not – themselves.

Learning how to blow underwater bubble rings will provide you with an entertaining way to count down the minutes while making your safety stop at the end of a dive.

Underwater Air Bubbles - Technique

Follow this technique if you want to learn how to make ring bubble circles underwater. The first step of creating submerged magic is to achieve neutral buoyancy. All novice divers quest for this fish-like motionless state of hovering but it is the primary goal towards bubbling.

Turbulent water and your jerky body movements will definitely stir the water and spoil the outcome. Practicing neutrality in mid-water should be practiced mid-water. But the actual spurt of ascending air is best exercised laying face up on the sandy seafloor.

Relax on your back with a deflated BCD and away from delicate marine life. Slowly inhale a healthy amount of air and you might choose to hold you mask firm while doing so.

Carefully remove your regulator; we suggest keeping hold of it for safety reasons, and try to rid your mouth of excessive saliva by cautiously swallowing it.

This is an important part of the exercise and takes a few attempts to get it right. Look directly upwards perpendicular to the water ceiling. If your head is angled even slightly the ring shape does not materialize effectively.

Bring the gas from your lungs to fill your mouth and cheeks and make a short forceful puff of air outwards and water bound. Close your mouth sharply afterwards and check for the bubble ring. We aim for a doughnut shaped circle similar to smoke rings from cigarette users.

There is no need to formulate the bubble with your lips or cheeks, the physical effect of blowing short sharp bursts if compressed gas underwater moving vertically towards the surface naturally creates a circulation of air with a hole in the middle - The Doughnut Bubble Ring.

Perfect Bubble Ring Tips

Unless you are a Dolphin you may need to work with this technique at different depths and in different water conditions but once you have mastered the application and you will become a top rated awesome bubble blower.

When you are confident and feeling superior you can try blowing assorted sized rings repetitively. By altering the amount of air in each blast they will rise at varying speeds like a race of bubbles - BUBBLETASTIC!

Article Submitted 2013 by Scuba Steve

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