Family Snorkel Tours

Family Fun Snorkeling Tours

Snorkeling vacation packages are relatively inexpensive for families, simple to participate, and a lot of fun.

Family snorkelling tours in Pattaya do not usually require any specific training.

Most people that join the trips can snorkel safely by themselves around the shallow coral island reefs.

Strong swimmer - or not - holidaymakers in Pattaya can escape the crowds.

Join us for a relaxing day around the tropical sandy beaches, taking photographs of fish, and cooling off in the refreshing, calm waters.

Snorkeling - Free of Family Restrictions

Snorkeling often produces benefits for people of all ages. There are no specific age barriers or gender restrictions for this water based leisure sport.

Young children gain confidence and comfort while swimming and splashing round in the oceans and the elderly receive tremendous therapeutic gains from a little light exercise around the shallow bays and stimulating scenery.

It is difficult to think of another family sport that includes the young as well as the old. Snorkeling is not restrictive about your age, weight, or gender.

Family Snorkeling Trips in Pattaya, ThailandWe welcome swimmers and non-swimming paddlers to join in the fun coral island tours.

No formal training or lessons are required to snorkel and most people can use the gear very easily after some general tips and advice.

It is an ideal sport for families to participate in together which makes it a great pastime for vacationers to seek some budget priced leisurely swimming adventures out at sea for a day away from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya.

Snorkel Gear for Families

Snorkel Tips for Grown Ups and Kids

Pattaya Family Snorkeling Tours

There are many tour companies in Pattaya offering snorkel trips and other water sport activities, but equally there are many that cram customers into a small speed boat with very little shelter from the strong sunlight and without proper medical and toilet facilities.

We suggest that you consider the size and comfort of your chosen sea transport with an emphasis on quality for the overall enjoyment of the experience.

Our professional guides can offer tips and help for novice snorkelers and for those who have never snorkeled or breathed through a plastic tube before; we have some useful guidelines from our PADI snorkeling instructor.

Modern snorkeling gear allows you to peer beneath sea level and appreciate the vibrant beauty of the corals and marine life in the shallows near to the shoreline. Coral reefs generally thrive better in warm water with lots of sunshine.

The Gulf of Thailand has an average water temperature of thirty degrees and thus has many coral island reefs within an hours' boat trip from the port area and day trips for snorkellers are generally available for less than the price of a family meal.

Departing early morning and usually returning late afternoon allows a fun packed day full of fresh air, clear water, and peaceful tranquility.

Sea life in Pattaya and Thailand tends to be mainly hard coral formations such as brain coral, table coral, and the stag horn variety.

Tropical fishes that inhabit these structures are mainly small reef fish such as damsel fish, sergeant major fish, butterfly fish, and surgeon fish. We are also lucky enough to see turtles and dolphins in the area though these tend to be an occasional glimpse rather than regular sightings.

The resort of Pattaya is blessed with a fairly stable weather pattern and snorkeling trips can be enjoyed almost any day of the year. The south west monsoons that arrive around May do not tend to cause too many problems for tour companies with sturdy dive boats and the refreshing sea breeze of the 'winter' months tends to keep them free from rain and high humidity.

So, if you are searching for something a little more relaxing than the normal chaos in Pattaya and a lot of family fun - join us for a public snorkeling trip around the coral islands.

Article Submitted 2011 by Scuba Steve

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