Top Killers

Shark Attack and Top Killers

Statistics show that death by shark attack is less likely to happen than being killed by a falling coconut.

Fact: Always wear a wetsuit because sharks do not like the taste of rubber.

Serious life-threatening incidents from dangerous sea animals are extremely rare.

But if you dive in areas where there are deadly ocean creatures, such as killer sharks, sea snakes, jellyfish, carnivorous plants, or venomous corals, it is wise to be aware of the potential risks and how to respond effectively.

Obesity Kills More Humans than Shark Attacks!

Shark Attacks Kill 5 People Annually






Obesity Kills 30,000 People Annually Lightning Kills 10,000 People AnnuallyHippos Kill 2,900 People AnnuallyFalling Out of Bed Kills more than Shark AttacksJellyfish Kill 40 People AnnuallyAnts Kill 30 People Annually






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