Batfish Facts and Information

Taxonomy [Platax orbicularis] [Phylum: Chordata] [Class: Actinopterygii] [Family: Ephippidae]

The batfish is possibly the most diver-friendly fish found in the tropical brackish and marine regions of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Batfish Habitat

Their natural habitat is fairly shallow silt coral reefs typically at depths around 15 - 25 meters.

They have a thin disc-shaped body, hence their more accurate name of Orbicular Batfish (circular batfish).

Their fan shape emphasis the fact that they are taller than their average length. Male bat fish often reach overall lengths of 50 cm but the aquarium-kept batfish is considerably shorter.

Batfish tend to be solitary fish when they are young and become more schooling as they mature.

Adult batfish prefer to be in groups around mangroves or deeper open water reef systems.

They thrive around slightly murky or sandy protected structures such as sunken shipwrecks. They feed voraciously on algae and occasionally snack on small invertebrates and juvenile fishes.

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