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Free Private Scuba Review

Private Scuba in Pattaya offer a FREE Scuba Refresher* for divers who have been inactive from diving for a few months, or feel a little bit rusty with the basic scuba skills and safety diving knowledge.

A PADI Master Instructor will gently ease you back into scuba diving in a relaxed and professional manner, rebuilding your confidence and improving your buoyancy control!

Some of the benefits of diving with neutral buoyancy is to give divers better control in the water, it helps to conserve your air supply during the dive, it helps to protect delicate marine environments and also it avoids damaging your scuba equipment.

The mark of a good diver is effortless finning, smooth movement and a relaxed, unhurried manner gliding over the coral reefs, diving within the safety limits of recreational scuba.

Benefit from our special offer and refresh your diving knowledge and diving skills to prepare you for a relaxing and enjoyable dive to the exhilarating 'reefs and wrecks' around Pattaya. Contact Scuba Steve and register for your Free Scuba Refresher*.

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Some common areas that we will practice include;

Scuba Safety Tips |> Common Diver Errors |> Equalization Problems Underwater |> Mask Clearing Techniques |

When you're feeling confident and ready for some Scuba Diving in Thailand, join us for some adventure boat diving in Pattaya to the best dive sites with 'Coral Reefs and Sunken Wrecks'. We have it all here in Pattaya!