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Online Scuba Certifications

PADI® electronic learning (eLearning™) is a convenient way for students to start scuba lessons - even divers with busy schedules.

The online programs offer the most flexible and convenient way to learn diving if you're able to access a computer with a connection to the Internet.

List of PADI eLearning Certification Courses

In most cases, eLearning™ programs are available anywhere and anytime. So, you'll be able to complete the basic learning process in your free time and entirely on your own schedule.

PADI will also be keeping track of your progress. This means you can restart the online training class exactly where you ended the last session.

What happens after you finish the online knowledge-based lessons? The system guides you into the scuba training sessions with a PADI Instructor to finish the fun part of the certification - Diving!

What Exactly is PADI's eLearning Facility?

In simple terms, a system that delivers education through a mobile device or a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome) is one method of electronic learning.

It allows students to begin dive schooling at their own convenience using a desktop or similar mobile device. Then, they get to decide whether to finish the training with a PADI Professional - which usually takes place in water.

Key takeaways about learning online:

First, you start the academic portion by choosing one of the PADI eLearning Programs for scuba certifications that interests you the most (e.g. the Nitrox Online Course).

Then, you get time to study the material at your own pace. All you need is a high-speed internet connection or you can go ahead and download the product.

Most students find the online facility easy to use and super convenient. In a nutshell, people with a busy schedule can sign into PADI eLearning™ and start the online tuition.

This method for earning online scuba certifications uses a combination of communication resources and multimedia via the Internet. Moreover, further enhancement of the learning experience comes from:

Important: Most PADI® eLearning™ courses will require additional development through scuba training dives. In most cases, you will complete the remaining skills by going scuba diving in open water with an experienced scuba trainer.

Open Water Diver eLearning Course

Are you ready to start a beginner scuba course online? The Internet is unable to replicate what it's like to take your first breath underwater. But, you will learn about everything else that is required to become a certified scuba diver.

Earning your first diver certification is easier when you study online (or offline). Then, it's time to meet up with a Scuba Instructor to complete the practical training exercises and get your diving licence.

Note: The Open Water Diver Online Guide has further details about the course completion procedures and the medical requirements. You will also find information about the Free Introduction to Open Water Course from PADI.

Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning™

Are you wondering how to sharpen your existing skills? Even better, why not learn some new scuba skills and techniques so you will be more comfortable in the water.

Click through to the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course Online to find out how it combines flexibility and convenience to better engage student divers.

Enriched Air Nitrox Course Online

Nitrox, Enriched air, and EANx are all types of breathing gases that contain lower levels of nitrogen than regular air does (about 78%).

Using nitrox gas mixes can help you extend your bottom times in certain circumstances. But, the course also teaches you about:

  • Key procedures for using Enriched Air (nitrox) safely.
  • Safety considerations for nitrox divers (e.g. CNS Oxygen Toxicity).
  • The techniques for diving with Enriched Air.

Note: Check out the Enriched Air Diver Course Online section for more information, including how to get unlimited access to the web based training manual.

Digital Underwater Photography Course Online

Do you want to feel proud when sharing your best photos and videos? Complete the Digital Underwater Photographer course and you can make it happen.

The 'web based' knowledge development sections are full of expert tips that help beginners speed up the learning curve and take better photographs under water.

Learn how to use the SEA method (shoot, examine, adjust) with ease so you can capture the important moments while scuba diving or snorkeling in open water.

Note: Another section explains how to sign up for the Digital Underwater Photographer Course Online in greater detail.

PADI® Rescue Diver Online Course

If there's only one scuba course that will change the way you dive the most, and how you observe other divers, it has to be the Rescue Diver certification.

This guide explains how to study online (or offline) and then meet up with a Scuba Instructor to finish the practical training and get certified as PADI® Rescue Diver.

Read why the skills and knowledge you learn in the Rescue Diver Online Course will boost your confidence underwater. And... you'll have a lot of fun during the training.

PADI Scuba Tune Up Course Online

The content for PADI Scuba Tune-up Online is broken down into 8 mini sections which makes it easier for students to complete a dive knowledge review online.

Information in this help guide explains the course requirements, how the PADI eLearning™ online refresher works, and how long it will take.

PADI® Diving Theory Course Online

Almost all scuba divers and snorkelers benefit from completing dive theory knowledge courses. However, dive master candidates, assistant instructors, and anyone heading for the Instructor Development Course (IDC) may benefit the most.

The main reason is because professional level candidates will be able to use the web based program to prepare for the course exams.

Note: As long as you are at least ten (10) years of age you can take the PADI Dive Theory Online Course because there are no in-water practical components.

Instructor Development Course Theory Online

You can improve PADI dive theory and prepare for your course exams by studying the principles of scuba diving in cyberspace.

Six sections cover the basic concepts, science, and laws for physics, physiology, skills, scuba equipment, and planning for the diving environment.

Note: Another section explains more about the PADI Instructor Development Course Online. Click to book your place now or send an enquiry to Scuba Steve our PADI Master Instructor.

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